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In this type of inventive program, there is a direct cash rebate based on the amount of qualifying purchases.

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The second technique requires bio-feedback, but offers the potential for a more individually tailored sensory experience.Work item relation awareness for agents during routing engine driven sub-optimal work assignments US8073461 31 Oct 2007 6 Dec 2011 Loopt, Inc.On the other hand, if a message is forwarded with 25 seconds remaining, the 30 point value of immediate response will be reduced by 1.2 points each second if the base point value is selected as zero or 1 point each second if the base value is selected as 5 points.An essential aspect of present invention is the provision of a post and retrieve advertising system.

In accordance with the present invention, the virtual retailer (Vetailer) gets a discount from the web merchants and is able to provide the customer with goods at a competitive price.The memory unit stores data structures in a way that allows access to other components of the system.

Through the system and method of the present invention, the customer receives an enhanced retail experience in several respects.Finally, the system includes a certificate component, which permits a program participant to remotely redeem a certificate having a value at least a portion of the award balance by identifying a serial number unique to the certificate, upon conclusion of the incentive program.Two devices that have been configured for automatic joint operation use computer-meaningful attributes to recognize each other and to perform their pre-programmed collaboration.

Similarly, there are various known employee incentive programs for promoting the sales of products and services.An advantage of the highly distributed system of the type shown in FIG. 1A is that it alleviates the need for the merchants 130 to invest in expensive hardware.U.S. Pat. No. 5,915,244 describes a computerized incentive program having plateau pricing and a personalized bank-account system, and permitting remote award redemption is disclosed.

It delivers opportunities for rapid ad hoc connections, and the possibility of automatic, unconscious, connections between devices.At step 1015, the customer is offered an opportunity to see more products.There are also a number of prior art patents directed to computer implemented incentive programs.One advantage of a smart card that has some way of determining the geographic proximity of the location of its use, is that it makes it possible to enforce requirements that a cardholder use a card at regular intervals, while excusing required use when the cardholder is at a remote location.

When the clock is reset to 30 seconds (at the conclusion of the previous game), all 30 blocks 420 are lit.Adding additional tiers of delivery points expands the reach of the system, but also introduces further delay into the delivery system, which may or may not be acceptable depending on the nature of the goods to be delivered.For example, customer service can be a significant determining factor in customer purchasing decisions.From the foregoing, it can be readily appreciated that selection among these or other sequences of conversion can materially influence the resulting program points and thus offers another opportunity to create incentives.

Foster City, CA: IDG Books Worldwide, [1997]. Format: Book.In this setting, customer service and satisfaction will be the keys to attracting, maintaining and growing customer relationships.The system of the present invention can be used to enhance such rewards and or provide entirely separate incentives.Thus, in one example, the system keeps track of two-star Italian restaurants separately from four-star Italian restaurants.Thus, the present invention offers mass customization of E-commerce incentive programs.In this system, base points are converted to program points as they are earned by reference to the redemption rate in effect at that time.Similarly, the system and method can be used to create additional incentives to motivate certain participant action.It should be understood, however, that the components described herein have separate utility and can be combined in others ways to meet specific needs.

Likewise, there is a fairly strong correlation between the reactions that customer 3 (C 3 ) and customer 17 (C 17 ) have had to various sales agents.A significant advantage of the present invention is the ability to place orders in real time.The same applies to any common carrier and in many other capital-intensive fields.Blackjack: Harris Corporation. Line Block/Flip-Loc Line Block: Kirkhill-TA Co. 767-2C SCP-315T4195-901 and -902: Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Fixed Fan Duct: ECCN.Hence, when integrated, Bluetooth might be used in place of an add-on wireless 10BaseT PC Card for a portable PC.In accordance with an important aspect of the present invention, the sales agent can control what visual images are displayed in the display case portion of the customer display.Alex Simmons Talks Life and BlackJack. Location: Central Library. Albany Office Room 902, Legislative Office Building Albany NY, 12247 phone: (518) 455-2210.

Merchants within the cellular network (represented by dots in FIG. 6 ) can communicate with the merchant information database either through a direct connection 504 (which could be a phone line, a data line or wireless connection) or through the Global Information Network (GIN) 501, i.e., Internet.In the example illustrated, the user has selected Italian restaurants.

This offers the possibility of rewarding participants in yet another way by awarding customers with a permanent or temporary base redemption rate that is greater than 1:1.Though it might be possible for customers to directly link to subsidiary pages 1404, doing so is not encouraged in this model.